Absolutely outstanding trip to Italy



We had an absolutely outstanding time on our trip to Italy!! Everything worked like clockwork. All of the representatives that met us for transportation were always there when we arrived. They moved us along efficiently and were always friendly. They were of extreme value in getting us thru the airports and train stations. The hotels we stayed at were wonderful! Friendly staff, comfortable rooms, located centrally to the sights of the cities we visited. We had one small problem with the hotel in Rome. The hotel tried to keep our two rooms close together and so we were assigned smoking rooms. We visited the front desk about the problem and within 10 minutes, they had us moved to non-smoking rooms and next to each other! Our room in Florence could not have been better. Corner room with a view of the streets of the city and a view of the Duomo. Venice’s hotel was perfectly placed for access to the sights. Not on a canal but on one of the main shopping avenues. The tour guides that Road to Italy has employed are the best. All were prompt, knowledgeable, spoke English well, friendly and good sources of recommendations for restaurants! Of particular note was the guide for the Vatican, Valentina. My family especially enjoyed her knowledge and humor. We took two day trips, to Pisa and Pompeii, and the drivers we had were great. Again, very friendly and knowledgeable, and their driving didn’t scare us! We had Giacomo for a transfer and a day trip and we really enjoyed our time with him. A great fellow! (we made him an honorary Texan). Even our plane flights (Rome to Venice) went smoothly. The tours hit the highlights of the locations and then we were given plenty of time to do our own thing. We did a couple of tours on our own and I would recommend the tour of the Duomo in Florence where you can climb up to the top of the dome. Don’t do it if you are claustrophobic but the view is great. We also took the tour of the Colosseum where the tour goes down into the underground area where the gladiators and animals were kept, this area has only been open for the past year or two. We also gained access to the upper level of the ampitheater where most visitors are not permitted. Again, our gratitude to Kristin and the Road to Italy for the outstanding job of organizing our trip of a lifetime to Italy!! I cannot think of any way that the trip could be improved. I just want to know what kind of connections you have to arrange such great weather for us for our trip!