Amalfi Coast Attractions


Amalfi Coast attractionsOne of our favorite areas in Italy here at Road to Italy is the Amalfi coast.  This stretch of coast line that runs between the Sorrento peninsula and Salerno has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country.   Amalfi Coast attractions are numerous making it a great addition to an Italian vacation.

The most famous Amalfi coast attraction is its famous drive along the coast.   This Amalfi coast drive is one of the most exciting and beautiful drives anywhere. You will follow the soaring cliffs and the quaint villages perched on the sides of the hills terracing down to the water.    Then there is that water!  Oh yes that turquoise water with the green mountains in the background.    A drive along this coast will fill your senses!  Have your camera ready as there are many lookout points where you can stop along the way to take pictures of all this color and scenery.

The drive itself is very exciting. One of the most challenging drives in Europe with its hairpin turns and Italian drivers on the road!   Although it is wonderful experience to be behind the wheel on the coast, for those who are not quite so confident we do recommend that you hire a professional driver for the day to take you an excursion which is bound to be a highlight of your trip.

There are many great Amalfi coast attractions that can be reached by car, foot or by boat.  Here are some to entice you to visit.

Positano is known as the Pearl of the Amalfi coast.  It is by far one of the most sought after towns for tourists to visit and to sleep in.  It can be touristy and crowded but it holds a fascination for all those who visit and return year after year. It is a very sensual town with its beautiful colors of its houses and flowers and its wonderful lemon fragrance that permeates throughout the town.  The town offers beautiful views, great restaurants and wonderful shopping.  You will find many shops along its alleyways that selling unique fashions items know as “Positano fashion”, beautiful ceramics and of course delicious Limoncello liquor.

From Positano you can enjoy the coastline from the water with a private boat rental.  You can sail to Capri or to the “Li Galli” islands made famous in Homers Odyssey as the home of the sirens.

Ravello is the highest spot on the Amalfi coast perched at 1198 feet.   The town is very elegant and romantic.  It is a town that artists and writers throughout history have written about and have been inspired by.  Its position creates unlimited opportunities for amazing views of the turquoise coast.

The town has a beautiful cathedral from the 11th century and the beautiful villa Ruffolo from the 13th century. This villa has hosted many famous people, royalty Popes and artists like Richard Wagner who wrote part of his opera Parsifal at the villa in 1880.  Throughout the year Villa Ruffolo plays host to countless concerts presented on its stunning grounds making it one of the best  Amalfi coast attractions.  In the summer during the music festival you can enjoy sunrise concerts listening to classical music as you watch the sun rise over the magnificent view of the coast making Ravello a true Amalfi coast attraction not to be missed.

This scenic town established by the Romans in the 4th century A.D was one of the maritime republics of Italy along with Genoa, Venice and Pisa.  Today the town is a beautiful resort for those seeking beaches, scenery and lovely restaurants and shopping.  The town displays wonderful medieval architecture with a definite Moorish style which can be seen in its cathedral of Saint Andrea.

Medieval Sentry towers
Another great Amalfi coast attraction are the many medieval sentry towers that are found along the coast.  These structures were built to protect from invasions.  Today they offer great views and historical architecture.

Torre al Mare
This tower located in Praiano is truly awe inspiring.  It is located on a promontory that affords an amazing view of the sea.   It is a wonderful place to photograph. A beautiful location for all visitors and particularly romantic.

Torre di Grado
Torre di Grado also in Priano was built by the Spaniards protected  the coast between 1503 and 1688.  You will want to enjoy the beautiful bay just below it where you can swim and sunbathe.

Torre Del Ziro
This imposing tower built in the 1400’s by the Duke of Amalfi to protect against Moors is said to be haunted by the Duchess of Amalfi who was imprisoned there and murdered for having an affair with her butler.  Despite this scary tale the tower offers wonderful views of the Gulf of Salerno.

Whether you are planning an Italian vacation with your family or a romantic Honeymoon in Italy, the Amalfi coast offers plenty of scenery, history and fun for everyone.    To help you create the perfect Italian holiday call our tour designers who are always ready to assist you.  1 800 848 8613 or via email, .