Best custom Italy tours: exploring Cervia in Emilia Romagna


Located on the Adriatic coast in the Emilia Romagna region, Cervia is famous for its beautiful beaches, saltpans and flamingos. Spend a few days here on best custom Italy tours to enjoy excellent restaurants, shopping, sightseeing, spa time, nature walks and modern seaside resorts.

best custom Italy tours
Garibaldi Square – Cervia

Garibaldi square is the heart of the city’s historic quarters where markets, concerts and festivals take place all year around. Here you can admire the elegant 18th century Municipal Palace, a modest 19th century fountain that sits on top of a 100-metres-deep artesian well and the Cathedral with its beautiful paintings and mosaics. Stroll around the small charming Pisacane square dating back to the 18th century when it used to be a market place. Here you will find the old fish market with perfectly preserved original marble counters and the fascinating 17th century Measuring stone (“pietra delle misure”), which shows old measuring units for fabric, tiles and other things.

best custom Italy tours

Cervia’s history has always been tied to salt production that was started in the area by Etruscans and continues today. The salt of Cervia is often called “sweet” for its low salinity. Every year a group of locals brings news season salt to the Vatican and hands it to the Pope. There are many interesting sites connected with the local salt production in the area that are worth a visit: the saltpans, MUSA Salt Museum, Salt Storehouse.

best custom Italy tours
Flamingoes at the saltpans


The saltpans are a nature reserve covering over 2000 acres where many rare birds thrive. You can walk or cycle along marked routes and admire flocks of beautiful flamingos here. Make sure you visit Salina Camillone, the only part of the saltpans where salt of highest quality is still harvested by hand by volunteers.

If you feel like treating yourself to some serious relax time head to the Spa Centre of Cervia for hot salt-water baths and mud wraps.

Photos via Turismo Cervia.