Best Parts of Italy to Go If You Have Kids

dreamstime s roman gladiator Italy for kids

dreamstime_s_roman_gladiator_Italy_for_kidsTraveling with children is a challenge that every parent has to face. Even in a country that is as multifaceted and exciting as Italy, you will have to come up with some special Italy for kids activities that are going to keep them engaged and entertained. Road to Italy offers a wide variety of Italy vacation packages, and if you would like to customize any of our packages or book a private tour to suit your family’s needs, our staff would be happy to help.

To spark your imagination, here are a number of suggestions of places to visit if you have children. Italy for kids is an absolutely fascinating place; they’ll be sure to find it intriguing, fun, and exciting all at once.

Gladiator school in Rome

Your kids can become gladiators for a day at the Roman Gladiator school in Rome.  Kids from age 6 and their parents can enjoy a day dressing up as gladiators and taking lessons in the art of gladiator fighting.  Its fun and a educational at the same time as the program is run by the Historic group of Rome. You can also visit the gladiator museum where you can see some ancient artifacts.  This will be a memorable day for you and the kids.

Marmara Falls in Umbria

Italy for kidsAfter a few days of tiring sightseeing in Rome, take a trip to Marmara Falls. It is a great outdoor adventure for kids of any age. Marmara Falls is about 100 kilometres from the city, and the falls have three large cascades that drop over 150 meters! You and your kids will love walking the paths that go near the falls, and if you’re feeling energetic, the hike to the top is worth it. There are a number of beautifully landscaped gardens at the top of the falls. Alternatively, you can take a relaxed rafting trip below the falls, on the Nera River. Marmara Falls is just a great Italy for kids day trip; other activities in the area include donkey rides, tubing, and bike trips.

The School of Chocolate

In Perugina, visit the School of Chocolate. Your children will relish the opportunity to make their own little tasty desserts and chocolate treats. This is a wonderful Italy for kids option where parents can have fun as well. Learn to prepare other traditional foods like ravioli with an expert local chef, or take the opportunity to learn about truffles! Your children will also love heading into the woods with a special guide and a dog that is trained to sniff out the best truffles. This one will be a trip for your kids to remember.

Italy for Kids: The Artistic Child

This next one is a good option for many children, but if your child has artistic talent, Deruta will be even more ideal. Deruta is known to be the Italian ceramics capital, and it has been ever since the Renaissance. You’ll be able to drop your kids off at a ceramics workshop, and if you feel like it you can join in too! If you’re not the artistic type yourself, then take the opportunity to spend a quiet few hours with your partner, away from the kids. You could also go and explore the beautiful, unique ceramic goods that the local artisans have to offer.

The Walls of Lucca

Our Italy for kids suggestions really include activities for every type of youngster. If your children are the adventurous type, Lucca is a great option. The city is enclosed within ramparts, and is a magical experience especially for slightly older children and teenagers. Even if you have booked great Italy travel packages, it might be worth it to take a detour or to try and incorporate this trip somehow. The walls of Lucca allow you to walk or bike on top of them, and the city has an incredibly interesting historical center to explore. Your family will also be able to rent bikes or wagons in Lucca to heighten the sense of fun and adventure.

The Nature Train of Tuscany

Treno Natura is another great Italy for kids trip. In fact, it is one of the best ways available to see the beauty of Tuscany. It will save you the hassle of driving along the many winding roads through the hills. The Nature Train will remind you of a time long ago, a time of carriage cars and old steam-powered trains. Riding the Treno Natura is very relaxing; the train takes you through Asciano, Monte Antico, and Siena. You’ll get to stop at quaint towns along the way, and get to spend more time in any given location if you would like – you’ll just have to hop back on the next train.

Of course, this is not a typical example of train travel in Italy; the Treno Natura is a more unique, laid-back experience. If you and your family  have lots of energy, you might even want to consider biking using the same route. You’ll come across lots of wooded areas and homes where you might find local delicacies like cheese made from sheep’s milk.

Italy for Kids: Climb the Duomo

florence_duomo_Italy_for_kidsIf you’re visiting Florence, consider taking your kids to the Duomo. For some children, this might be the highlight of their trip: climbing up to the peak of the Duomo. There are over 460 steps to overcome – going up the curious, circular, narrow stairway can be a lot of fun. And when you reach the top – what a view! Spectacular barely describes it; you must experience it to know what the view from the top of the Duomo feels like.

Visiting Rome: Ostia Antica

Rome, of course, is a wonder to behold. There are many adult attractions, but lots of kid-friendly options too. To begin with, there are impressive monuments, the gardens, and the Colosseum. Once you have seen the sights of the city, however, you might consider taking a short trip to Ostia Antica.

The ancient port of Rome is a mere thirty minutes from the city. This Italy for kids option includes amphitheatres, the oldest synagogue in Europe, bath houses, and more. It’s a very contained area, so your children will have the opportunity to wander around as they desire. On your way back, you will also be able to stop by the seaside and enjoy a tasty snack or meal from one of the many options available there.

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