Best places to visit in Italy: the top beaches in Liguria


With almost 200 miles of coastline, Liguria is one of the best places to visit in Italy for the sea and sun lovers. The region has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and every year receives the highest number of the prestigious Blue Flag (Bandiera Blu) awards that is given to the best cleanest and most environmentally friendly locations.

You will be spoilt for choice: sandy beaches or pebbly stretches, shallow warm or deeper crystal-clear waters, busy lively beaches or secluded coves sheltered by cliffs, – the Italian Riviera has it all.

best places to visit in Italy
Varigotti – Liguria

The long sandy beach in a beautiful town of Varigotti is protected by stunning cliffs. You can spend hours floating in the crystal-clear water and watching schools of little fish chasing each other. It is easily accessible by car or boat. When you decide to get a break from the sea, stroll to the picture-perfect town with colourful houses and excellent restaurants.

Stretching for three miles, Cavi di Lavagna beach is one of the longest in Liguria. There are sandy and pebbly patches along the coast. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag on numerous occasions. It is also the sunniest beach in Liguria and many visitors prefer coming here in autumn to enjoy walks and bike rides along the sea.

best places to visit in Italy
Gulf of Poets – Liguria

Located on romantically named Gulf of Poets private Maramozza beach is accessible only by a lift. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs, the beach can get quite busy in July and August. The area has attracted many famous poets over centuries: Percy Shelley lived nearby, Byron, Dante and Petrarch wrote about the beauty of the gulf.

best places to visit in Italy
San Fruttuoso di Camogli – Liguria

The tiny bay in San Fruttuoso di Camogli, accessible only by boat or on foot and, is a perfect beach for those who want more than just sunbathing and swimming. While swimming you can admire the stunning 10th century Capodimonte Abbey. Another attraction is fifty feet under the water – the Christ of the Abyss (Cristo degli Abissi), is a huge bronze statue with face and arms raised towards the source of light. You can take a short trip on a glass-bottomed boat to see it or, like many others, dive into the dim waters.

Photos via Flickr by: Liguria Turismo, Emlyn Stokes, Stefano Piemonte.