Why Book an Italian Vacation Over Other Destinations

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Italian vacationNow may be the perfect time for the vacation of your dreams. The economy is improving and, with it, your rainy day nest egg survived tough times. The kids have moved on, the job slowly melted into retirement, so now the only question that remains is: Where do you want to go? Many people dream of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure — a round the world cruise, ascending the Himalayan mountains, exploring ruins in Central America, or even a luxurious Italian vacation to soak up the history, culture, architecture, and cuisine.

Why book an Italian vacation over other destinations? While the simple and straight forward answer is “why not,” the truth is stuffed with all the delicious wonder of a fresh cannoli from that little bakery in Sicily you heard about from a friend of a friend.

The Top Reasons to Consider an Italian Vacation

Because it is one of the top destinations for international travelers, Italy travel packages come in all shapes, sizes, and methods of seeing the country. Tourists can travel by sea, meandering up the western coastline through the Ligurian Sea or the eastern coastline by way of the Adriatic, catch a flight into Rome, or travel by car, train, or foot. The reasons to visit Italy are limitless, but here are what many travelers and tour operators consider the top reasons.


An Italian vacation would not be complete without delving into the country’s storied history.   You can see Italy’s ancient history throughout the country from the Etruscans in Tuscany and Umbria to the Greeks in Sicily to the Romans Empire.       Of course the medieval and Renaissance eras are present everywhere in beautiful towns and elegant cities.   Italy’s rich history will keep any traveler enthralled for hours on end.

Amazing Cuisine

Having gradually evolved since the 4th century, Italian cuisine has been widely regarded as one of the top culinary choices worldwide for literally hundreds of years. With subtle influences from Etruscan, ancient Greek, ancient Roman, and Jewish settlers, the Mediterranean diet is a key attraction for many people who inquire about an Italian vacation. The country’s astounding restaurants offer a gastronomic smorgasbord unlike any other, with amazing choices such as fresh pastries and bread, cheese, pasta, vegetarian dishes, and many other regional selections guaranteed to please every palate.

Cultural, Geographic, and Architectural Wonders

Italy may not be the “cradle” of civilization, but its stature as a progenitor of modern civilization is undisputable. The country is home to an amazing number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites — 49 to be exact, more than any other in the world.  In fact according to UNESCO sixty percent of the worlds greatest art work is found in Italy.   From contributions to the arts, sciences, medicine, religion, or politics, the country’s place in history cannot be challenged — ensuring vacation packages to Italy not soon to be forgotten.

Top attractions include:

  • Rome, home to the Vatican and world famous Sistine Chapel, the big city features 3rd century ruins at Terme di Caracalla, the fountain Fontana di Trevi , and extensive shopping and dining opportunities.
  • Venice, the “Floating City,” where visitors can take a gondola ride down its 92 miles of canals and waterways whose design and construction was overseen by Leonardo da Vinci. The city also is well known for its many piazzas, including Piazza di San Marco, plus Palazzo Ducale, a palace-turned-art museum.
  • Naples and the underground city under the church of San Lorenzo Maggiore, dating back more than 2,000 years to Greco-Roman times. The city also claims to be home of the Pizza Margherita, in honour of the first queen of Naples.
  • No trip to Italy is complete without visiting Milan, one of world’s fashion capitals. Walk the boutique lined neighbourhoods of Brera and Via Monte Napoleone to watch beauty unfold in caramel coloured leather and bright fabrics destined for New York, Paris, or Tokyo.
  • Florence the renaissance capital.  Florence is one of the most important  center of art and culture  in the world housing masterpieces from the most famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto, Botticelli and many more.

Italy Travel Tips

rome_colosseumAs with many vacations, travelers derive benefits by following common sense tips before or during their dream vacation.  Here are a few tips to remember when planning your Italian vacation.

  • Work with a reputable travel agent. Yes, you may be able to book a tour through your church bingo club, but why not work with a dedicated and experienced travel professional who does one thing and one thing only? Arrange amazing and affordable Italian vacations.
  • Book your Italian vacation early. Whether you want to travel by train, air, boat, or some other manner of transport, our advice is to schedule your vacation as early as possible. Italy is a summer hot spot, and the best hotels fill up quickly, so call your travel agent as soon as you are ready.
  • Consider an “off season” Italian vacation. Italy’s amazing cultural destinations — the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Venice’s many canals, or the breathtaking beaches of Capri — are tourist havens in the summer. The better solution is to schedule your vacation for the spring or fall.
  • Save money on food. Sit down restaurants, including western style “chain” eateries, are terribly expensive, but amazing food can be had for under $5 US or Canadian at any number of sidewalk cafes and small shops.
  • Travel light. Air fare is expensive enough without paying extra baggage fees, so only pack the clothing and other items you need when embarking on your Italian vacation.
  • Carry travelers checks, sign up for a time-specific international calling plan with your cell phone provider, and make sure loved ones have your itinerary and contact information before embarking on your adventure.

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