Custom Italy Vacation packages : the best beaches in Italy


A long cold winter is almost finished and many of us can’t help it but think about sunshine, blue sky and beautiful beaches. Custom Italy vacation packages that Road to Italy plans for its clients often include sun destinations to combine art, good food and a relaxing break on the beach.

Custom Italy Vacation packages
Posada, Sardinia

Every year hundreds of Italian beaches receive a prestigious Blue flag, the highest award to merit the cleanest, most comfortable and sustainable coastal and lakeside locations worldwide. Last year Liguria was in the lead with 20 impeccable seaside locations. Tuscany came second with 18 quality beaches followed by Le Marche.

Most coastal regions in Italy have beautiful beaches, some of them are of international fame, and others are less known. The Emerald Coast in Sardinia is an obvious choice for sun lovers. Another great location in Sardinia is a small town of Posada, which has not only clean beaches and sea views but is steeped in history and traditions, with its roots going back to the times of Etruscan civilization. It is perfect destination for a custom Italy vacation for someone who wants more than just the sea and sunshine as there are many historic sites, beautiful landscapes and excellent traditional food and wine. The stunning sandy beach of Cala Luna is another spectacular location in Sardinia, which sits under a majestic cliff and is reachable by boat or on foot. Fine white sand makes a stunning contrast with the bright turquoise waters.

Custom Italy Vacation packages
Cala Luna, Sardinia

The sandy beach of Baia degli Infreschi in the province of Salerno in the Campania region is one of the most beautiful in the country. It can only be reached from the sea or on foot on a small winding trail surrounded by Mediterranean broom and fragrant rosemary shrubs. During high season, the small bay is packed with boats and bathers, however, it does not take away the beauty of the place.

Photos by: Riccardo Romano, Jesús Belzunce Gómez.