Custom-made tours of Italy: the most interesting small museums in Italy

Palazzo Grimani

Italy has an incredible amount of museums filled with priceless masterpieces. While most tourists head to the Uffizi, Doges Palace and the Vatican museums, there are many other places where you can enjoy the country’s cultural riches without having to elbow through crowds. Here is a quick pick of the most interesting small museums to explore in an unhurried manner on Custom-made Tours of Italy.

Palazzo Grimani, Venice

The stunning 16th-century Venetian palazzo houses a smallmuseum with beautiful frescoes, sculptures, tapestries and other artefacts from Roman times to the 19th century collected by the noble family of Grimani. The museum also hosts excellent temporary exhibitions and classical music concerts. Don’t miss the magnificent courtyard with marble colonnades, porticoes and sculptures.custom-made tours of Italy Palazzo Grimani

Paper Museum, Amalfi

Located inside an old paper mill, the museum tells a fascinating story of paper making traditions in Italy. For many centuries the paper industry was booming here and Amalfi became one of the leading paper producers. In the quiet museum you will see the original equipment, see how the mill works and try your hand at making paper.

Museo Stefano Bardini, Florence

This converted convent on the left bank of the Arno River houses a fine collection of art dealer Stefano Bardini left to the city after his death. The dark blue walls set off beautifully the white marble sculptures among which is a Madonna and Child attributed to Donatello. Stroll around the recently restored rooms to admire numerous paintings, furniture, ceramics, Roman sarcophagi, Gothic relief work, collections of weapons and old musical instruments. Address: Via dei Renai, 37.

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The Veiled Christ at the Cappella Sansevero

Museo Cappella Sansevero, Naples

Locals have many legends connected to this little museum with some creepy artefacts. Displayed in the Underground Chamber of the chapel are two skeletons with perfectly preserved artery and vein systems created by an eccentric local nobleman Raimondo di Sangro. Another famous museum’s exhibit is the 18th century Veiled Christ statue by Giuseppe Sanmartino. The draped shroud was carved so skilfully that it made many believe that Raimondo di Sangro used his alchemist tricks to turn a piece of fabric into marble.

Don’t lose the opportunity to explore these hidden little gems on Custom-made Tours of Italy!

Photos by: Palazzo Grimani/Facebook, David Sivyer/Flickr.