Custom made tours to Italy: pleasures of Tuscany


Tuscany has the best of everything: beautiful landscapes, prized wines, delicious cuisine, stunning medieval hill towns, and excellent museums. On a custom made tours to Italy, you can explore the pleasures of this beautiful region in comfort and style. Here are some suggestions on what can be included in your tailor-made trip.

Custom made tours to Italy


Tuscany is full of old castles that have been restored to their former glory. Their fascinating stories reflect the rich history of the region. Visiting Tuscan castles is like stepping back in time, as many of them preserve original decor and furnishings. You can also stay in a castle to experience the ultimate indulgence of the luxurious historic grandeur with all modern comforts.


The world-renown Chianti area produces some of the best wines that can be explored on tasting tours. There are also many wineries producing Brunello di Montalcino, Morellino di Scansano, Carmignano Vin Santo, and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano that are open for degustations.

Custom made tours to Italy
Chianti vineyard

Truffle hunting

Precious truffles are one of the region’s treasures. Truffles are hunted by a trifolau and a trained dog. Joining one of them on a truffle hunting tour is a great experience on your custom Italy Vacation in Tuscany.

Cheese tasting

Cheese making traditions in Tuscany go many centuries back, some of the cheese made here are unique to this region and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Each area of Tuscany has different ways and methods of production that give their cheeses unique color, flavor and texture. A cheese degustation offers a glance into the history and traditions.


There is no shortage of great restaurants in Tuscany with 31 of them boasting Michelin stars, and many other offering delicious traditional dishes. Tuscan cuisine is simple and pure, with many dishes originating as food of the poor peasants that only had seasonal ingredients and imagination at their disposal.

Custom made tours to Italy
Terme di Saturnia


Tuscan thermal waters have been known for their therapeutic properties since the time of the Romans. Today there are many excellent establishments with natural hot springs. Terme di Saturnia, Terme di Montepulciano, Fonteverde and Grotta Giusti are great for pampering your mind and body.

 Photos by: Miquel Bohigas Costabella, Francesco Sgroi, Jarle Refsnes.