Customized tours of Italy: the most beautiful waterfalls in Italy

Cascata di Stroppia

Italy has many spectacular waterfalls that will take your breath away. Many of them are only accessible in summer, so, now is the time to start planning your waterfall hikes on customized tours of Italy. Here is our quick pick of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bel Paese.

Customized tours of Italy
Cascata delle Marmore

Cascata delle Marmore, Umbria

Europe’s biggest man-made waterfall soars to 165 metres. Ancient Romans created it by diverting the Velino river from the marshlands near Rieti in an attempt to save the population from persistent malaria outbreaks. Being part of a hydroelectric power plant, the waterfall is turned on and off on a regular basis to keep the visitors pleased. Make sure you get there before the gate is open to see the magnificent spectacle when the water starts rushing down the cliff.

Customized tours of Italy
Cascate di Riva

Cascate Di Riva, Trentino Alto Adige

The best time to see this waterfall made up of three streams rushing down is in summer months when the melting of the Vedrette di Ries glacier feeds it. To get to the waterfall you will have to hike for over an hour on a well-marked trail with a spectacular suspended bridge.

Cascate del Rutor, Aosta Valley

The three falls with a total height of 700 metres are fed by the glacier Rutor. The first cascade, the easiest to reach, can be admired from a bridge. After an hour-long hike, you can reach the other two dramatic cascades gushing down spectacular cliffs.

Customized tours of Italy
Cascata di Stroppia

Cascata di Stroppia, Piedmont  

One of the highest and most impressive in Italy the waterfall rushes from the height of 500 metres. It is located in an isolated place reachable only on foot. The best time to visit it is from June to early August as it can dry out after hot weather spells and the snow in colder seasons makes the path inaccessible.

Photos via Flickr by: Stella Papini, Massimo Marella, Silvio Sola.