Day tour excursion from Rome: Tivoli & Villa d’Este

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The sound of falling water from the innumerable fountains and the many steps take us on a series of ups and downs that encourages us to discover this place in its entirety. This place is Villa D’Este, a building with three floors and gardens decorated with majestic marble. Protected by the Unesco, it is located in the city of Tivoli, just a few kilometers from the Eternal City and easily reachable by car, by train or by bus; all in all, a romantic and ideal destination for a day tour excursion from Rome.

Day tour Excursion from Rome
Villa d’Este

Villa D’Este is open every day and offers the opportunity for visitors to explore the numerous rooms that make it up. The well-maintained frescoes within depict unusual scenes and subjects not typically seen in other buildings in Rome. The allegories represented by these frescoes often mix the sacred with the profane, Christian figures with pagan gods. Strong and lively colors alternate themselves along the corridor, on the walls and all the way up to the ceiling. Occasionally, they give way to architectural details such as wall fountains or fireplaces.

Day tour Excursion from Rome
Villa d’Este, inside

The fountains of the Villa d’Este can be encountered everywhere, not just in the gardens but also along the corridors and on the staircase landings between the different floors. All perfectly intact and for the most part working, these fountains meander along the path that leads to the main terrace of the building, from which you can see the entirety of the gardens.

Day tour Excursion from Rome
Fountains and view

Given its size, the villa has been equipped with an elevator that connects the two levels of the building to the avenue where the tour of the garden begins in order to help the visiting children and elderly. In addition, for visitors with mobility issues there is a service that provides an electric vehicle that seats three (plus the driver), to allow them to visit the garden. The service, which carries out the visit on a set path, is free but booking is required. There are signs, scattered along the various paths as well as inside the various rooms, which help us to understand the history of the villa. Starting from the villa, all the paths that descend to the gardens lead us to its beautiful fountains: they are all of different sizes and often decorated with large stone masks and statues of deities of the seas.

day tour excursion from Rome
Terraces of villa d’Este

Certainly the most famous of all is the Organ Fountain, which is a water-powered instrument that you can hear play on the hour every hour. During the month of May we suggest you not to miss the walk in the rose garden, where the Fountain of Abundance stands in all of its beauty.
Also beautiful is the magnificent landscape that stretches from Tivoli to Rome, best viewed from the balconies which are located at the end of the three interconnecting pools. It is easy to get lost in the enchanting atmosphere of this place!

day tour excursion from Rome

Finally, one last recommendation: the gardens are for the most part characterized by an accentuated slope, which can make the ascent tiring. Choosing comfortable shoes is therefore preferable for this unforgettable visit.