Ever Considered Visiting Venice?

Italy travel packagesIf you haven’t, then the question is: Why not? Venice is one of the most beautiful, intriguing, fairy-tale like places in the world. Built on a lagoon, Venice is virtually the same place that it was six centuries ago.

There is much to explore in Venice, which is why purchasing well-organized Italy travel packages is ideal. This will enable you to get the most out of this charming city and its various boroughs. The main districts of Venice in the famous Sestieri are called: Castello, San Polo, Cannaregio, Dorsoduro, San Marco, and Santa Croce. Most of the major sights of Venice are located in these areas.

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A Brief History of Venice

Back in 827, a Byzantine Duke moved his seat to the place that is now called the Rialto. For the next millennium, the city prospered through trade, under the governance of a Roman-style senate. However, the city was taken by Napoleon in 1797. Later, it was merged into the Austro-Hungarian empire, and then bounced back and forth between Italy and Austria. Still, Venice reminds one of the Renaissance glory days, and its historical culture is evident at every corner you turn.

Visiting Contemporary Venice

s_basilicaOne of the benefits of booking Italy travel packages to present-day Venice is that there are no cars in the city. You never have to worry about smog, even in the heat of summer. Instead, you’ll get to enjoy travel by water taxis and gondolas. An interesting fact about life in Venice is the occurrence of acqua alta, or “high water.” Every so often, the water level of the lagoon rises a little too much, and floods some of the city’s streets and squares. This usually happens during colder months of the year. It will only last for several hours (at high tide), but to cope with this phenomenon you can pick up an acqua alta map from the railway station or a tourist center. The map will show you which roads are walkable – in other words, it marks the paths which are higher up and therefore likely to be dry.

Italy travel packages to Venice will take you through all its historic sites and provide you with an in-depth perspective of this incredible city. There are so many things to take in; private Italy tours guided by a local will really provide you with a framework within which you’ll be able to understand contemporary Venice and its culture.

The Best Things to Do in Venice

There are countless activities that we could suggest to you, but here is a list of just a few of the best ones, in no particular order. The Italy travel packages we offer will include most of these activities, of course, and if you would like to do something that is off the beaten path, all you have to do is let us know.

  • Kill three birds with one stone: the Piazza San Marco. Being in the center of this magnificent piazza is in itself an amazing experience. You’ll meet people from all corners of Europe here. Around the plaza, you have the Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s basilica), Doge’s Palace, and the five-century-old clock tower, Torre dell’Orologio.
  • Take a ride in a gondola. It may be a little expensive, but it’s worth it; your trip to Venice wouldn’t be complete without a picturesque gondola ride. If you book Italy travel packages with us, you’ll have a gondola ride or two already included in the package!
  • View some masterpieces. Venice is a unique art repository, and is home to the wonderful Venice Biennale. For classic Renaissance art, visit Ca’ Rezzonico, the Pieta, I Frari, and Scuola Grande di San Rocco to view impressive works by Titian, Tintoretto, and Tiepolo.
  • Aperitivo. No Italy travel packages would be complete without an evening aperitivo. Indulge in drinks and snacks with the locals at a classy bar; we recommend the ones near the Rialto bridge.
  • Visit the Campanile. You’ll be able to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city on the lagoon, and more. The Campanile is ninety-nine meters tall. Originally finished in 912, it was rebuilt after a collapse in 1902. The view from the top is amazing; on a clear day you’ll be able to see the Dolomites, not to mention the whole lagoon.
  • Indulge in a tour of the Grand Canal. A vaporetto ride is always fun; the canal is no longer full of boats loaded with merchandise for trade, but it is still the main thoroughfare of this historical city. This three and a half kilometre ride – from the railway station, all the way to San Marco – will provide you with a wonderful introduction to Venice.
  • Try some authentic Venetian cuisine. Here are a few dishes worth sampling: oca in onto (goose), polpette (Venetian meatballs), and raw seafood antipasti. Additionally, you should try some seafood that you’ve never tried before! Venice has a long tradition of wonderfully fresh seafood; some things to try include: grandeola (spider crab), garusoli (sea snails), and canoce (mantis shrimp).
  • Experience Vivaldi. If you’re a music lover, you must attend a classical music concert in Venice. The Venice Baroque Orchestra is globally known, and the La Fenice orchestra is very good too; the latter has two or more concert seasons every year. Many other musical events take place in various churches. If you enjoy sacred music, it is worth hearing the sung mass at San Marco, and San Giorgio’s Gregorian chant.

Book Italy Travel Packages With Us

This is only a small sampling of the wonderful things that lie in wait for you in Venice. Book a tour with us, and you can look forward to exploring the city and all its hidden treasures. Road to Italy is a travel and tour package organizer that caters to individuals, couples, families, and commercial clients. Whether you’re planning a honeymoon in Italy, want to book luxury Italy tours, or just need a simple day tour of Venice, we are the company you should call.