Must Do’s on a Honeymoon in Italy

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Must Do’s on a Honeymoon in Italy
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Must Do’s on a Honeymoon in Italy

What better way to spend time with the one that you love and celebrate your marriage than with a honeymoon in Italy. Italy is regarded as the romantic capital of the world and every year a countless number of newly married couples flock to Italy to enjoy everything it has to offer. But just why are honeymoons in Italy so popular? Simply put: Italy has everything! From cities overflowing with history such as Rome, to the enchanting waterways that cut through Venice, to the glorious sandy beaches of Rimini that stretch for miles along the Adriatic coast. You could even spend time developing your very own love story in Verona, which is the home of Romeo and Juliet. Whether relaxing honeymoon in Italy interests you or you are looking for something a little more adventurous and want to soak up as much Italian art, culture and history as you can, the options in this country are virtually unlimited. While there are literally thousands of different things you could do on your honeymoon in Italy, which the professionals at Road to Italy can help you plan, there are certain things that all good honeymoons have in common, which we are going to discuss in this article.

Several Things that can Help to Make Honeymoon in Italy Perfect

Honeymoons aren’t your average vacation, especially not honeymoon in Italy, and we want to help you guarantee that it’s a trip you will both look back on in years to come with extremely fond memories. Here are some of our top tips to help you achieve this:

Eat Where the Locals Eat

For a truly authentic experience it’s important to indulge in local cuisine at every opportunity on honeymoon in Italy. Ditch the travel guides and don’t scour the internet looking for restaurant recommendations. Instead, simply ask some of the locals. Ask them where to eat and what dishes they would recommend you try. Guidebooks are often written by “out-of-towners” who can and do miss things when they visit the area. The local people in the area where you are honeymooning will most likely know of places to eat that you wouldn’t otherwise find.

Say No to Inflexible Itineraries

While your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, the amount of planning and preparation that goes into arranging everything can be extremely stressful. Once it’s all over it’s essential that you unwind and simply enjoy some time together in new surroundings. Forget about work, or the tax forms you have to fill out when you get back, simply lose yourself in the honeymoon. A good trick to doing that is to do away with set itineraries that dictate where you will be at any given moment throughout the day. Instead, arrange one or two excursions beforehand that are high on your “wish list” and the rest of the time just play it by ear.

Make New Memories Together

When planning honeymoon in Italy, we often advise our clients to select a location, or various locations, that neither one of them has visited previously. This way every experience will be new and you will forever associate the location with your love for one another.


Nowadays it’s almost impossible for a couple to be completely alone with one another. Friends and family can call you, they can message you on a whole range of different websites and applications, they can email you…the list goes on. For truly memorable honeymoon in Italy it’s important to cut yourselves off from the outside world (although your family members should be able to contact you – but only in the case of an emergency) so you can enjoy each other’s company. When booking your accommodation, avoid rooms that offer free, unlimited wifi as you don’t want to spend your whole honeymoon glued to Facebook or Twitter. You should be out visiting new sites and making new memories together.

Surprise One Another

As we stressed earlier, honeymoons shouldn’t be planned right down to the last detail. You may have got your partner to say “yes” to your marriage proposal but the onus is on you to keep surprising them, and what better way to take special memories from your trip than to do something special for one another. Whether it’s a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach, arranging to do something that really interests your spouse or finding a beautiful area and preparing a picnic; plan a nice surprise for your spouse.

At Road to Italy we know how difficult planning the perfect honeymoon can be, especially after having so much to plan for the wedding, which is why we are here to help you with all aspects of the process. We can find the perfect location for you to enjoy your start to married life and put together an experience that you will never forget.