Italy Honeymoon: sampling typical desserts


A Italy Honeymoon is nothing short of magic: romantic strolls in Capri, dramatic sunsets in Rome, a gondola ride in Venice, – no matter what part of Bel Paese you choose, it will be unforgettable. To add a sweet touch to your honeymoon get acquainted with the typical desserts of the area you are staying in. It is always a lot of fun to discover history of a place through its gastronomical traditions.

Italy Honeymoon - Ricciarelli Tasting

If you are in Tuscany try ricciarelli, sweet moist biscuits with a strong flavour of bitter almonds that are believed to have been invented by a noble knight named Ricciardetto della Gherardesca in the 15th century. They were not cheap back then and serving ricciarelli during lavish celebrations was certainly a symbol of power and success. To protect the original recipe, ricciarelli di Siena have been declared a product of “protected geographical indication” (“indicazione geografica protetta” in Italian).

Italy Honeymoon - Baci di dama tasting
Baci di dama

In Piedmont do not miss the pleasure of gorging on “baci di dama” (“lady’s kisses), hazelnut butter cookies with chocolate filling. A legend has it that they were invented the royal House of Savoy in mid-19th century when king Vittorio Emanuele II asked a cook to surprise him with something new. The jury is still out on whether the beautiful name “baci di dama” refers to the shape that is slightly reminiscent of female lips or to the delicious taste of the cookies. In any case, it makes a wonderful treat during a honeymoon in Italy!

In Sicily desserts are scrumptious and have ancient origins. Chocolate of Modica has been made to the same recipe since the 16th century. Its rich and creamy taste with bitter notes and characteristic coarse grainy consistency put it a class apart from any commercial chocolate. Another ancient Sicilian treat to try is cassatella di sant’agata, a small soft cake filled with ricotta, chocolate, candied fruit topped with a cherry. The he form of the cake is supposed to resemble a breast, to symbolize the martyred saint of Catania, St.Agatha.

Italy Honeymoon  - Chocolate of Modica Tasting
Chocolate of Modica

In Abruzzo confetti, sugared almonds, are the pride of the region and traditionally are given to guests at weddings. Confetti origins can be traced back to Roman times when a similar sweet was made with honey and flour.

 Photos by: Felix Schaumburg, Ludovico Caldara, Daniele Civello.