Infographics: Top 5 Hotel Room Facilities.

Infograph Italy hotel facilities


Infographics top 5 Hotel room facilities.

The power and rapidity with which our web oriented world is changing is impacting many of the choices and habits of our lifestyle.   This is turn is impacting many industries including travel to make the changes required to meet clients expectations.

With the development of Web 2.0 and all its applications  now we can find and share information in a quick  and easy way.   All that has completely changed the way we get information about the destinations that we would like to visit,  how we book our trips, and also has changed the way  we communicate and stay connected with “our  world” during the course of the trip.

Road to Travel posed this question on a survey. What are the top 5 hotel room facilities that you look for in a hotel room?  Not surprising giving the considerations we have just pointed out that a WIFI connection won hands down.   Access to the internet has become  fundamental to our  way of life.

Today thanks to an internet connection, even during a nice tour of Rome or a romantic  vacation in Venice ,  we can stay in touch with family , we can have a video call with relatives and friends , we can send  birthday  wishes to your best  friends,  indeed it seems that the wishes  we make while we travel are even more appreciated.

The new trend is that our our travel experiences  go online immediately. Thanks to the support of the main social networks connected to our devices, we can tell the world in real time about our  tours, hotels,  guided visits and much more.    There is no need to return home to share this information We can post  more and more often pictures and   videos  of  a  scenic view Venice canals from the hotel room,  a group of friends at the airport waiting to board a flight to Italy,  the tips of the feet of a friend while he is relaxing on some Sicilian  beach, a plate of local specialties in a typical Tuscan restaurant or enjoying a  fancy drink in a bar in Milan.

And of course after the  we post something  we want to continue to be connected because we can not wait to see how many “likes”  and comments we get.  It  seems  we spend just as much time posting and replying to posts than we do sightseeing!  At the end of the day we must ask , if everything has already been shared and commented on what ever will be talk about with friends and family when we return home?