It really felt like a second honeymoon

testimonial 2015 17

Hi Flavia,
We had a great time! All the locations were great as well as the drivers & guides. We were very impressed & everything was very easy & well planned. We loved the hotels, except the one in Florence was very loud. The room echoed all the loud outside noises like the people outside at night & church bells every hour. Otherwise every other accommodation was great. The views at the Sorrento hotel were phenomenal. I loved the hotels in Rome & Venice too. Very central, comfortable & good food. We had great service everywhere we went. It was perfect:) We only used the phone once when couldn’t find our driver at the busy Rome airport. Otherwise each hotel had wifi to keep up with home, and the guides/drivers called up to the room whenever they arrived early to let us know they were there. It was only $40 for the phone, so I liked having it just in case. I really can’t give enough praise for our trip. It really felt like a second honeymoon. Thank you! Chrissy & Tom