Italy attractions: Asolo in Veneto

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Asolo is a small town in Veneto, Northern Italy, one of those beautiful off-the-beaten track Italy attractions that you fall in love with at first sight.

Sometimes Asolo is described as the City of a Hundred Horizons for the breathtaking vistas around it. Its ancient walls, palaces and the 12th century fortress are testimonies of its long and rich history.

Asolo, view from the Rocca fortress
Asolo, view from the Rocca fortress

The best way to explore Asolo is to wonder along its narrow winding streets making your way up to the Rocca fortress. In the heart of the old centre (centro storico) on Piazza Garibaldi you will find Fontana Maggiore, where locals often meet in the evening. Up until a few years ago the fountain drew water from an ancient aqueduct built during Roman times. Asolo was under the Venetian Republic rule for over 400 years, so its architectural influence can be seen throughout the town. Check out the Cathedral, which was reconstructed on numerous occasions but retains some original features and the 16th century altarpiece by Lorenzo Lotto. Nearby is the Palazzo della Ragione with its magnificent 16th century fading fresco. During the times of “La Serenissima” Venetian Republic it was the seat of the magistrate, today the palace houses various temporary exhibitions.


Heading up Via Cornaro you can admire vanishing frescoes on old buildings and the splendid 10th century Castello di Caterina Cornaro where the town’s famous theatre is located today. Climb the steep steps of the Torre Reata where centuries ago stood the guards of the castle. From here you opens a stunning view of the City of a Hundred Horizons. Continue your walk to see the spectacular  Palazzo Beltramini, Casa Duse and Casa Gotica. On your ways you will see Scuola di Antico Ricamo, an old school of hand-embroidery where refined bed and table linens have been made since the 19th century.

Castello di Caterina Cornaro
Castello di Caterina Cornaro

After a long walk you can refuel in the local taverns and restaurants that serve hearty Venetian dishes: tripe, snails, porchetta, polenta. Al Bacaro (Via Browning, 165) is a simple tavern with a great typical menu. Bistrot offers a more sophisticated atmosphere and fantastic meat and seafood dishes. Make sure you try Asolo Prosecco Superiore, excellent white sparkling wine that the area is famous for.

Photos by: Kendrick Arnett, Davide Bedin, Andrew Mowat