Italy Travel Tips: Remember to Pack these Handy Items

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Italy Travel Tips: Remember to Pack these Handy Items

Italy travel tipsWhen organizing trips abroad, whether to Italy or other holiday destinations, people often pay so much attention to what they plan to do when they arrive at their destination, where they will stay and how long they will stay for, that they completely overlook the fact that there is significant preparation to be done before you set foot outside your own front door. Packing often becomes that dreaded task that is completed in a hurry at the last minute. You are so excited by the thought of exploring the numerous historical sites in Rome, experiencing genuine Italian cuisine in Milan or tasting some of the world’s best wines when going on Tuscany wine tours that you simply can’t sit still and calm your mind for long enough to think clearly about what you might need to take. In addition to packing all of the standard items of clothing, as part of our Italy Travel Tips Series we would recommend you consider taking the following items with you.

Italy Travel Tips from Road to Italy – Items that Could Prove to be Indispensible on Your Trip

As one of the leading tour operators that specializes in arranging memorable vacations to Italy for any budget, Road to Italy often gets asked by its clients about Italy travel tips that could improve their experience when travelling. We are firm believers that the perfect vacation requires careful planning and that packing the right items is important and below you’ll find a selection of items that we would advise you to take with you.

Money Belt

While Italy is known as the home to some of the world’s most fashionable brands, the first item that we would advise you to take on your vacation, whether you are looking at luxury tours Italy or a more budget orientated trip, is a money belt. That might seem rather ironic since it is renowned for being a particularly unfashionable item, but it allows you to keep all your important documents in addition to your money close to you at all times. This is important as the loss of these items would be a quick way to put a real downer on your vacation.


A bandana is an incredibly versatile item that can be extremely useful in a range of different situations. In addition to its obvious uses as a fashion item it can be used as a small towel to remove sweat from your forehead (particularly useful during the summer months when temperatures can climb really high in Italy), a hair tie, a cooling device (when soaked in water) and a medical sling. It’s simply a great item to include in your luggage.

Miniature Travel Bottles

Our Italy travel tips are designed to help make your journey as smooth as possible so that you can arrive at your destination relaxed and stress free. To ensure you don’t have any toiletries confiscated when passing through security at the airport it is vital that all liquids are clearly visible in a separate, see-through plastic bag and are measured to the correct quantities. In most airports no bottle is allowed to exceed 100 ml. Most store bought toiletries however far exceed this limit, so what do you do? Buy miniature travel bottles! They allow you to measure out exactly 100 ml of your favourite aftershave, perfume or face cream to ensure you arrive at your destination with all your items still in your luggage.

Italian Power Adapter

The plugs in Italy are different to those found in other countries, particularly those used in North America and the UK. There is nothing worse than finding out a couple of days into your vacation that you can’t charge your phone, camera or any other electronic device you brought with you and having to try and hunt an adapter down. Avoid this rush by packing several power adaptors designed for use in Italy.

Small Roll of Duct Tape

When asking us for Italy travel tips on what to take, most of our clients don’t expect us to mention duct tape. But just like a bandana, duct tape can be incredibly useful and comes in handy in a variety of different situations. Duct tape can be used to temporarily repair damaged luggage, shoes or even items of clothing, in addition to being able to get rid of unwanted lint on your clothing. If can also be used to make your hotel or apartment safe for children, as you can cover over any sharp objects with it.

Photocopies of Passport/Credit Cards

As far as Italy travel tips go, this one is right up there. Doing something as simple as photocopying your passport and other important documents such as your credit cards can save you a whole lot of headaches down the road should the originals be lost or stolen. Always store them in a separate location though! These copies will allow you to have replacements re-issued much quicker in the case of an emergency.

Whether you are interested in Tuscany wine tours or a relaxing holiday on the beach, if you want to work with a tour operator that genuinely wants to provide you with the best vacation package possible for your budget, get in touch with Road to Italy. We are happy to provide all the Italy travel tips you need to help make your vacation memorable.