Italy wine Tours: The Franciacorta wines

dreamstime s Franciacorta landscape

The Franciacorta can be considered one of the treasures of Italy, both for the beauty of its natural scenery and the production of its wine which is growing in popularity in the world.  The Franciacorta wine is now synonymous of excellence for the production of wines that can compete with champagne.

For anyone is travelling in Italy and is a lover of bubbles a stop in this region for a taste of their sparkling wine is must.

Franciacorta is located in Northern Italy near the Lake Iseo in about an hour’s drive from Milan and Verona, the Franciacorta can be a suggested stop or perfect day trip from Milan and can be included in your Italy wine tours.  One of the easiest ways to visit the Franciacorta is the Wine Road which passes through the villages of Paderno, Corte Franca, vineyards and which allows anyone to immerse themselves in the culture of this region. The Wine Route includes not only the wineries, but also, museums, distilleries, golf clubs, horse riding centers and many places to stay as hotel, country houses and B&B .

In recent years thanks to the excellent quality of the wines and an aggressive  international marketing strategy  and a great unity around the brand by all the producers  has increased the popularity of Franciacorta wines in the world, especially in Switzerland , United States and Germany and also in England and Japan markets where there are good prospects for growth.

The consortium of producer is composed by a group of over 100 wineries of all sizes that produce three versions of Franciacorta sparkling wine: white, rosé and satèn .    The grapes for the Franciacorta wine must be grown in a strictly controlled area of vineyards.  The grapes used are 85% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot nero and 5% Pinot bianco.   A rose must contain at least 15% Pinto Nero grapes and a Saten must be a blanc de blancs using only Chardonnay and or Pinot bianco grapes.  This combination of grapes with a lower production of carbon dioxide makes the satèn the smoothest and silkiest of the wines.  This unique characteristic has made the satèn very successful.

Franciacorta cellars