Milan to Venice : visit of Sirmione and Lake Garda

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The village of Sirmione is one of our suggested places to visit during your Italian vacation. Located on the Southern part of the Lake Garda, Sirmione  is usually the favorite stop of “Road to Italy” private drivers for a break and lunch during your transfer from Milan to Venice or a perfect private day trip from Verona.

Milan to Venice

Sirmione is a beautiful strip of land on Lake Garda, its fame date back of Roman times, the great poet Catullus has a villa in Sirmione. Today there is a vast archeological area at the tip of the peninsula knows as the “Grotte di Catullo” (in this area “Grotte” means “Villa”) and the ruins with its arch and column are blended in unique scenario dominates from the colors of the olive trees and the blue of the lake.

Milan to Venice
Sirmione Grotte di Catullo

As soon as you will arrive in Sirmione your attention is drawn to the Scaliger Castle  with is towers  and crenellated walls. The castle is one of the most complete and the best preserved of Northern Italy, it is completely surrounded by water. The port on the side of the castle confirm its strategic position and  the importance of Sirmione for dominance and control of the Lake Garda.

Sirmione – Old Town Entrance

One of the main attractions of Sirmione is its own entrance. In fact, the town is accessed through one of the drawbridges leading to the castle, which is now a bridge instead. One inside,  the pedestrian area as Piazza Carducci and Via Vittorio Emauele, full of nice shops, bars and restaurants will encourage you to discover the town.

Other attraction point of Sirmione are: the Parish of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Church of San Pietro in Mavino and the roman ruins of the Grotte di Catullo.

Milan to Venice
Sirmione – San Pietro in Mavino

Driving distance to reach Sirmione  from main Northern Italy cities:

Milan: 85 miles (1h30m)

Venice: 95 miles (1h40m)

Verona: 26 miles (25 minutes)

Lake Como: 110 miles (2 hours)

Bologna: 105 miles (1h50m)