Most beautiful holiday



I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help. We truly had the most beautiful holiday of all times. I was very impressed. I felt very much looked after. I enjoyed every minute of every day. All the places were beautiful and charming. This holiday was everything i imagined it would be and more. I could not believe how well organized and smoothly run everything was.I can tell you with confidence it was the best money i have ever spent so far! I loved how Road To Italy have thought of every little detail and made our holiday stress free and beautiful. I felt so thankful and grateful to all of you every day. It was a truly beautiful experience. I can not tell you how much we loved Paolo. He played very important role taking us to the right places, being extra sweet, kind,caring and friendly. Like an Italian uncle we never had! We felt so so lucky to have him. He was brilliant. Simone was absolutely amazing! we were trilled with our day and the food that we made. We were in heaven. I can not find the words to describe my feelings. All I know if this holiday has been a dream that is too good be come true. I definitely think that Road to Italy is the most reliable, honest service provider I have even come across in my life and I wish that everyone was like you. Best service I have ever had. It was lovely, lovely,lovely…. Best Anastasia