Things to see in Italy: Lake Maggiore

A private tour of Stresa and Borromean Islands is a perfect day trip to be added in your Italy honeymoon packages.

Lake Maggiore is one of our suggested things to see in Italy. If you are considering an Italy honemoon packages do not forget to add this romantic destination in your trip.

Lake Maggiore is located between the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy and it is the largest lake in Italy. The northern part of the lake is part of the Swiss Canton Ticino. Road to Italy is a travel agency specialist for Italy if you are a lover of lakes and mountains scenarios, gardens and romantic place a visit of Lake Maggiore is one of the things to see in Italy.

Lake Maggiore is 68 km long and is the largest lake in Italy after Lake Garda. It is located between Piedmont, Lombardy and the Southern part of Switzerland and offers enchanting views like this sunset.
The visit of the islands is definitely one of the main attractions of Lake Maggiore. This is one of the most romantic places of Italy, an ideal excursion in your Italy honeymoon packages .
The Borromean Islands are a group of small islands located between Verbania and Stresa on Lake Maggiore. The name is derived from the Borromeo family who bought them in the sixteenth century. They still own the majority of them. Add a private boat cruise to the Borromean Island in your Luxury Tours of Italy .
Isola Bella is famous for its Palace and for a beautiful garden which, cleverly designed over the centuries, has multi-colored blooms throughout the year. There are many species of flowers such as roses, wisteria, orchids, bulbs, azaleas, gardenias and magnolias.
Located on the west bank, Stresa is the main town on Lake Maggiore. Its promenade is one of the most scenic places to admire the Isola Bella, the Isola Madre and the Isola dei Pescatori. From Stresa there is a daily ferry service for a tour of the Borromean Islands.
Isola dei Pescatori is the only island in Lake Maggiore to be permanently inhabited. The inhabitants (approximately 50 people) live on fishing and above all tourism. The origins of the village are very old and the shape of their houses is famous having long balconies used by fishermen for drying fish. The church of St. Victor was built in the Renaissance style and inside there are important frescoes dating back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. On the island there are many attractive local restaurants, bars and craft stores.

Another beautiful sight to do not miss during your Lake Maggiore Tour is Villa Taranto. It was founded in 1931 by the passion of the Scottish Captain Neil Mc Eacharn. Today the botanical heritage of the Gardens of Villa Taranto is vast and includes about 1,000 non-native plants and about 20,000 varieties and species of particular botanical importance for the lovers of gardens it is definitely one of the beautifull places in Italy.
The Putti Fountain is one of the many beautiful fountains that can be found between the terraces and floral labyrinth of Villa Taranto in Verbania. The famous terraces of Villa Taranto. are in the unmistakable English garden style with some italian inspiration such as fountains and statues.