What to do in Sardinia – Emerald coast tour – Bosa leather factory tour

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is one of the most fascinating regions of Italy.

Always been famous for its white sandy beaches, the beauty of its coasts and islands that surround it, Sardinia is also history, art, culture, traditions, and great food and wine.

Sardinia can be reached easily through three airports (Cagliari, Alghero, Olbia) that connect it with the rest of Italy, but also in many European cities. In addition to visiting the most famous beaches of Sardinia as Stintino, Cala Luna, Cala di Budoni, Cala Domestica, Bombarde, Poetto, and le Piscine di Venere , for lovers of the sea and wild nature we suggest a visit to the archipelago della Maddalena, The coast of Masua, the sand dunes of Piscinas or hiking on one of the trails on the coast of Orosei.

For lovers of history and culture are not to be missed visits the city of Cagliari, with its historic center of Rione Castello, the Catalan city of Alghero with its beautiful promenade on the ramparts built to prevent invasions and attacks by pirates from the sea, the village of Bosa famous for its castle and the ancient port built on the banks of the river Temo, where you can still find the ancient factories where they used to work the leather and now have become a beautiful museum of industrial archeology.

Finally, the prehistoric villages of Barumini, Abbasanta and Torralba with their unique in the world buildings Nuraghe and the ancient ruins of the Phoenician town of Tharros.

Also for lovers of good food, Sardinia has much course to offer, of course a lot of seafood, but also many traditional dishes of the local shepherds of lamb and goat cheeses and many fine wines, among which Vermentino (white), Cannonau (red) and Cagnulari (red). Finally, we point out two unique and popular liqueurs such as Mirto (from a local blueberry) and the Filu Ferru (a local Grappa).