Places to visit in Italy : Val Camonica



Places to visit in Italy Val Camonica
Photo by : Luca Giarelli / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Italy is know for its great history. The Romans, the Renaissance  are synonymous with the culture of Italy.   But did you know that in  Italy you can visit some  amazing pre historic sites?  Welcome to the Valcamonica! This scenic valley in the Italian alps which really merits a visit.  Just two hours from Milan the Valcamonica is one of the best places to visit in Italy.  The are  is not as well known as other areas close by such as Lake Como, but if you are in the area you will be glad you visited it.   The name of the valley comes from the people that lived there during the Iron age the Camunni.   The region was then conquered by the Romans in 16 BC.  Besides the Alpine beauty, the medieval villages and castles of the area, its unique feature is the vast amount of ancient Rock Art that  that is etched into the mountains making it one of the best largest in Europe.  The earliest of the approximately 250,000 carvings is  from c. 8000  B.C. making this one of the most important collections and was the first site in Italy recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage organization.  The drawings teach us about the prehistoric civilizations and customs with scenes depicting  hunting, rural life, war and even very early religious scenes.  They are truly fascinating.

Ancient Rock Art in Val Camonica
Photo by : Luca Giarelli / CC-BY-SA 3.0

There are also beautiful medieval towns in this area. In fact, two of these towns are recognized by the “I Borghi piu belli D’Italia” or Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, a club founded to promote history, art and culture through small towns.  One of these towns is Bienno.  Bienno’s history centers around its flourishing Ironwork industry.  Throughout the historic center you can see evidence of this exquisite work.

Lovere is another town in the area recognized on this list of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy. The beauty of this charming town overlooking Lake Iseo. is the combination of the Swiss style of houses with overhanging wooden roofs and the stone arcades, a feature more typically Italian.

LovereIn the Valcamonica you will also find many impressive castles.

  • Castle of Breno,
  • Castle of Gorzone,
  • Castle of Cimbergo,
  • Castle of Mù,

As you can see there are many reasons why this are can be considered one of the best places to visit in Italy.. .