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    Borghese Gallery

    Since the 17th century, many have been invited to view the exquisite collection of paintings and sculptures of the Cardinal Scipione Borghese. This tour of the refined painting and sculpture collection of Borghese Gallery includes a reserved entrance time to the fabulous villa.

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    Angels & Demons Rome Tour

    For fans of the Dan Brown novel, “Angels and Demon's” you will trace the footsteps of the story as you visit the Church of Santa Maria Del Popolo where you will admire the Ceraci Chapel canvasses of Caravaggio and the Chigi Chapel designed by Raffaello Sanzio, the Patheon, Saint Peter's and more.

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    Just 20 miles east of Rome in Tivoli you will visit two superb Roman Villas, Hadrians Villa and the Villa D'Este. The excursion is particularly pleasant in the summer where the amazing gardens and fountains of the Villa D'Este are not only beautiful but also refreshing.

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    Castelli Romani

    A great day in the pretty countryside around Rome. This morning you will be met at the hotel by your English speaking driver for your full day excursion to the Castelli Romani. The Castelli Romani (Roman Castles) is a group of communes in the province of Rome which include Frascati, Marino, Albano and Castel Gandolfo. These hill towns of ancient and medieval origin are celebrated for their lush green scenery, volcanic lakes, authentic cuisine, and local white wines.

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    Catacombs of Rome

    A fascinating tour highlighting the history of early Christians during the times of the Romans. You will be met at the hotel by your guide and driver. The tour will take you beyond the imposing Aurelian walls and along the ancient Appian Way to visit one of the catacombs.

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    A private excursion to the fascinating archeological ruins of Pompeii. A beautifully preserved Roman city buried under the ashes of a volcanic eruption, Pompeii is sure to impress all visitors.

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    Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel

    No waiting in line with our privately guided tour of the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. Discover the most extensive collection of art in the world in the Vatican Museum, marvel at Michelangelos creation of Adam in the Sistine chapel and see the awe inspiring Basilica of St. Peter.

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    Ancient Rome

    A fun and informative day. With your own private guide explore the Ancient world of the Roman Empire visiting some of the greatest monuments. The Colosseum. the site of legendary battles of the gladiators. The Roman Forum the center of politics and religion. The church of St Peter an important symbol of the early Christians in the days of the Romans.

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    Monumental Rome

    A guided tour through the streets of Rome viewing the monuments that form the landmarks of the city’s historical development. The tour includes the Spanish Steps, Trevi fountain, Hadrians Temple, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the Campo dei Fiori.