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France draws millions of visitor every year with its indescribable charm and style. Everything about France is world class from its capital Paris, food and wines , astounding art collections and iconic landmarks. France attracts visitors that seek its familiar offerings; the cafes, beautiful architecture, elegant boulevards with fashionable shops and restaurants of its cities, the countryside with vineyards producing the best wines and majestic chateaux, its chic resorts along its beautiful Riviera and much more.


Paris synonymous with romance, style, elegance, art and culinary delights. Countless artists have found their artistic expression in this magnificent city. Walk and shop along its grand boulevards. Sip a caf au lait as you watch Parisians rushing by. Be amazed at the masterpieces by the grand masters in its many museums. Come and discover the personality and timeless beauty of Paris.


Not far from Paris, you will find the Beautiful region of Normandy. The region has a varied landscape with a coastline that includes stunning cliffs and sandy beaches and a world heritage site, Mont Saint Michel with its huge tidal range and strong currents. In land is a beautiful country side with thatched cottages and beautiful farm land. Here you will also find Giverney the home of the painter Monet and the beautiful gardens that inspired his greatest paintings.
Normandy probably has more significance to North American visitors than any other part of France as its beaches such as Omaha beach and Juno beach are memorials to the many lives lost during the D Day landings of 1944.

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