San Galgano and the legend of the Sword in the Stone

The legend of King Arthur in Tuscany? Yes you will find it just southwest of Siena (19 miles) at Montesiepi at the Abbey of San Galgano. Here in this amazing Gothic abbey you can see the sword of San Galgano plunged deep into a stone. The legend states that a nobleman of the 12th century named Galgano Guidotti had a vision of the Archangel Michael and then gave up his worldly habits to become a hermit. He then plunged his sword into the stone as a symbol of his renunciation of war. Only the top of the sword is exposed and looks like a cross. The sword was believed to be a fake. But recent studies of the iron and the style of the sword show that it is consistent with that of medieval times.

Besides the sword the abbey is a very mystical and magnificent monument and the landscape of the area is unspoilt and beautiful. It is a great addition to a family tour of Tuscany.

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