Villa del Quar

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One of the greatest hotels in all of Italy in regards to quality you will find Villa del Quar in the province of Verona. Constructed over fourteenth century foundation and built within a sixteenth century Venetian Villa, this villa was declared a national monument by the government of Italy. A mere 5 kilometers from Verona, the villa is surrounded by an ancient road and a stone wall that dates back to the Roman era. Guests will take in the vineyards of Valpolicella as this dwelling makes it feel like it’s actually the year 1700. The chandeliers are mostly Murano crystal and Venetian.

The staff always ensures that their guests are taken care of, and the Villa’s main chef Bruno Barbieri will take you on a journey of the senses and taste. The Gastronomic Guides have the Arquade Restaurant the highest classification in 2005.

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