Villa Medici

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The Grand Hotel Villa Medici is a place where guests can feel at peace with themselves and the world. It includes a garden with a swimming pool, a terrace that has a splendid view of the city, as well as large lounges which give a sense of complete harmony.

Eighteenth century soul is to be admired in this villa with its marbles and brocades and in its friezes which come with elegant furnishings. Located in the centre of Florence near the Arno River is a swimming pool and a lovely garden where guests can relax.

With over a hundred suites and rooms guests can fully customize how they wish to stay. Large picture windows make for a great view of Florence, a vibrant city. The Royal Suite has a fantastic living room that is used for prestigious events and is under the protection of the Fine Arts agency.

The top floor has rooms which come with private terraces and amazing views. The Magnifico Suite has a Jacuzzi pool and a large terrace so guests can take in even more splendid views of Florence.

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