Most romantic place in Italy: Verona

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Juliet tomb - VeronaAlways Verona is considered the city of love. Thanks to the most famous of all the love stories Romeo and Juliet, which dates back to 1300 and that takes place right in the medieval town of Verona. The story was then taken over the centuries by many important international writers increasing its notoriety including the famous work of William Shakespeare. Even today, both as a day trip from Venice or day trip from Milan, but also for those who want to stop here longer and celebrate their own wedding in Verona.

Here are some of the most famous to places be included in your Italy honeymoon .

Just at few steps from the Arena and the main sights of Verona , there is the “Convent of the Franceschine Sisters” this was the site of the tomb of Juliet Capulet for centuries.

The story states that Juliet would have been buried here in 1300 (although it was denied ecclesiastical burial because it was a suicide ). A couple of centuries later thanks to the popularity of Shakespeare’s verses many people came in pilgrimage to her tomb. To crush the continuous this pilgrimage, the ecclesiastical authorities scattered Juliet’s bones leaving the empty sarcophagus as a watering place in the garden of the convent. Nevertheless, the tomb continued to be lauded by many celebrities such as Marie Louise of Austria and Charles Dickens, who was very upset to see that the old tomb abandoned in a vegetable garden. In 1937, the Director of Museums Antonio Arena to moved the Sarcophagus from the garden into the under ground chapel of the Convent next to the Cloister, removing it from oblivion where it lay for centuries.

most romantic place in Italy
most romantic place in Italy

In this location which is not a consecrated chapel, the city of Verona allows brave couples to celebrate their wedding inside the chapel over the sarcophagus of Juliet. Nearby is the museum of frescos which houses paintings between the tenth and sixteenth centuries. In the last years due to popular demand of many foreigners who come here from all parts of the world to celebrate their wedding the City of Verona has extended the possibility of getting married right on the balcony of Juliet too.

Juliet statue - Verona
Juliet statue – Verona

Another beautiful location for wedding in Verona or to visit during your Italy honeymoon packages is the “Chapel of Notaries” which is located on the first floor of what was once the “Tower of the Farm” in the “Palazzo della Ragione”. It is a little Baroque gem in Verona, richly decorated with frescoed ceilings, works of high woodwork and paintings by Louis Dorigny representing the exorcisms of San Zeno. Finally, continuing your visit of Palazzo della Ragione we suggest to climb to the top of the “Lamberti Tower”, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city one of the most romantic place in Italy.