Tourist attractions in Rome Italy : Palazzo Spada one of “The Great Beauty” set

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If you are looking for tourist attractions in Rome Italy, we recommend visiting Palazzo Spada

Palazzo Spada
Palazzo Spada

and the Galleria Spada.  They are located in the city centre of Rome, just a few steps from the famous Piazza Navona and Piazza Campo dei Fiori. Parts of the Oscar winning foreign film The Great Beauty were shot here.

Visiting Palazzo Spada does not take very long. The 4 galleries at Palazzo Spada feature works from the collection of Bernardino Spada (1594-1661) and further enhanced with other masterpieces added by his grandnephew Cardinal Fabrizio Spada.

Perspective Gallery – Palazzo Spada

We must say the level of such work may be considered inferior compared to what can be found in other museums in Rome. The galleries are filled with natural light coming from the high windows and creating a warm atmosphere.  Wood is the predominant material used.  Each room also has a volume documenting all the exhibited work.

The many exhibits in the Palazzo include religious work like the Dead Christ by and the portrait of Cardinal Bernardino Spada by Guercinoand scenes from important historical events like the Revolt of Masanielloby Michelangelo Cerquozzi.  I must say that the different styles of these works of art and the way they are arranged gave me quite an idea of disorder.

Palazzo Spada - Library
Palazzo Spada – Library


As a result, what impressed me the most is located just outside Palazzo Spada, where a garden courtyard with orange trees welcomes visitors. This courtyard contains an amazing library and the Perspective Gallery (Galleria Prospettica) by Francesco Borromini.  It is famous for its use of perspective applied to the columns and statues, creating an optical illusion. The gallery seems to be 30 metres long, while it is in fact barely 9 metres long.

Galleria Sapda
Galleria Spada

This is again proof of the greatness of our artists that continue to impress the public nowadays.  For this reason, Palazzo Spada and its galleries could be considered one of the main tourist attractions in Rome Italy and they both really worth to be visited.






Palazzo Spada 

Piazza Capodiferro, 13

00186 Roma   Italia
Ph.: +39 06 6874896

Opening Times: Mondays – Fridays from 8:30am to 7:30pm

How to reach Palazzo Spada:
From Termini Rail Station BUS 64 or 40

From Piazza Barberini BUS 62

From Piazza San Pietro (via della Conciliazione)  BUS 40