Tourist attractions in Venice: Best souvenirs in Venice

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Venice is not a cheap place for shopping and buying authentic gifts here can be quite a challenge. It is easy to find low-priced gaudy trinkets, glow-in the-dark gondolas, and carnival masks mass-produced in China. However, if you are prepared to pay extra you can find some real treasures on your trip to Venice. We tried to list below some of the tourist attractions in Venice where you can find interesting souvenirs.

Tourist attractions in Venice
Glass mask

Murano Glass

Glassware from the Venetian island of Murano is itself a tourist attraction in Venice. Today’s glassmakers create anything from mini-sculptures to chandeliers using the ancient methods that go back to the 8th century. Do not be tempted by the cheap street stalls that sell fakes. Genuine Murano glass has to have a certificate of provenance that is issued under strict regulations by the Veneto region authorities. You can find a full list of shops that sell original Murano glassware here.

tourist attractions in Venice
Burano lace

Burano lace

The exquisite hand-made lace made on the Burano island produced for hundreds of years is yet another tourist attraction in Venice. Royalties and celebrities from all over the world have been captivated by the beauty of Burano lace and it has always been a precious gift for connoisseurs. If you want to see how the lace is made head to the Martina Vidal atelier on the Burano Island. Here you can buy exquisite table linens, beddings, towels, collars and monogrammed handkerchiefs. Be prepared to pay high prices: a lace tablecloth can cost 1000-2000 euro!

Carnival mask


The quality-conscious souvenir hunters love La Bottega dei Mascareri. Brothers Sergio and Massimo Boldrin sign every mask they make. You can see the artisans at work creating their unique pieces here. Prices start from €20.


Venice sweets


Sweet souvenirs

The pasticceria Marchini Time is one of the most famous pastry shops in Venice. It is located at Campo Sant Luca and sells delicious artisan chocolates, traditional baked goodies like baicoli, zaleti, and buranelli. You can sample them right there with excellent coffee and pick beautifully packed delights for gifts.




Photos by:, Martina Vidal Venezia, La Bottega dei Mascarei, Pasticceria Marchini.