Truly Amazing Private Tours to Italy

testimonial 2015 30

Dear Christina,
Thank you so much for planning a wonderful family trip to Italy for us! We had a fantastic time and the trip could not have run more smoothly. We were amazed at the number of people who were involved in our trip – meeting us at the airport and train station, taking us to our hotels, taking us on guided tours, driving us around, etc. The planning and organization were truly amazing. Everything happened without a hitch. We felt very well cared for. We were very pleased and impressed with all of the Road to Italy people we met on the trip. In particular, our guide in Rome (who filled in at the last minute and even delayed her holiday to take us to the Vatican), our driver and guide in Tuscany (who we spent quite a bit of time with and was very pleasant and knowledgeable), our local guide in Sienna and our local guide in Florence were all excellent. There was only one guide we were a little disappointed with – the guide we had for our visit of the Colosseum (I think her name was “Pam”), while very nice, seemed unengaged in our tour. It was a shame because the kids were really looking forward to this part of the trip. I appreciate that it was raining and she was filling in for someone else, but she seemed disinterested and unprepared. Fortunately, the rest of the guides were all enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging. We LOVED the Castello in Gaoile in Chianti. It exceeded our expectations (and I had pretty high expectations because I had read the good reviews online). The location was incredible, the property was spectacular and the service was excellent. I would go back in a second and would recommend it highly to my friends!! Our time spent there was definitely a highlight of our trip. Thank you planning it for us. We would highly recommend your services Laura and Jim