Umbria excursion: Lake Trasimeno

Lake Trasimeno s Polvese  Island1

private tours of ItalyLake Trasimeno can be considered one of the main attractions of Umbria. It is located in the center of Italy between Rome and Florence, a few kilometers from the cities of Perugia, Assisi and Cortona, it can easily be included in a tour of Italy.

Lake Trasimeno is the fourth largest of the Italian lakes. For 2500 years its waters reflect old and fascinating stories such as: famous battles, castles and elegant remote hermitages, lives of saints, knights and fishermen that spend their life on the banks of the lake.

From the many possible routes that the Trasimeno area offers, we would suggest a day excursion visiting the three natural islands that are located in the lake.

Starting by ferry from the marina of Castiglione del Lago you reach the Isola Maggiore (Main Island), which despite its name is not the largest island of the lake, but it is the only one inhabited.  Very few people have their residence here, most of them are tourists who started to move to the island since the ‘60s. A pleasant walk can be made through the main streets to discover history and local livelihoods such as precious embroideries and Irish lace proudly homemade by the local ladies. The glories of the past are displayed to visitors, by noble palaces and churches still full of frescoes and by the Romanesque Tower which served to guard and protect the small town. Control of the Lake was by the

Guglielmi Castle, a Franciscan monastery built in 1328 that became the residence of the Guglielmi Family in 1885.

The Isola Maggiore also has a mysterious history.  In 1211 St. Francis returning from Cortona for Lent, retired into solitude. Since then many other people came in search of peace and spirituality walking through the many quiet paths of the island.

Continuing  by ferry on your cruise of Lake Trasimeno you will pass  the small private Island called  Virgola (Comma) because  of  its comma shape and arrive at the next Island to visit Polvese  which is the largest of the  three islands.

Polvese used to have a small fishing  village dominated by a castle in neo-gothic style. Today the island is a natural paradise immersed in olive groves.  Since 1973, the island became the property of the Province of Perugia that manages the services which include a small beach, some picnic areas and a good restaurant. During the Spring and Summer the Polvese Island attracts a large number of tourists.private tours of Italy

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