Planning your Italy vacation

January: It’s cold but if you bundle up you can enjoy the main cities Rome, Florence and Venice at great low season prices! Sunny Sicily is also nice to see at this time of year.

February: It’s Carnival time in Italy or as they call it in Italian Carnevale. Visit Italy during carnival time and enjoy the festivities. Via Reggio and Venice are the most famous carnival towns but there are many more! Rent one of the amazing costumes, attend a gala masked ball. Bring home a souvenir mask made by artisans in Venice.

March: Another great month for hotel bargains. Nice time to visit some great museums like the Uffizi in Florence, Vatican Museum in Rome or the Guggenheim museum and Doges palace in Venice

April: Italy in spring time! Come see the countryside green and full of spring flowers!

May: One of the best months to visit Italy. The weather is warmer but not too hot. Great time for comfortable sightseeing in the cities and countryside.

June: Summer begins! Late June can become quite warm but it is still great for sightseeing and tasting some great gelatos! Great time to see the beautiful and scenic Amalfi coast

July and August: Hot months indeed. But why not spend a little time on some of the great beaches of Italy or visit the Lake District in the north including Lake Como and Lake Maggiore.

September: Wonderful month to visit expecially Tuscany and the other wine areas to see the vineyard in full swing.

October: Fall time is very exciting in Italy. Great time to visit the cities especially Rome. The city is bustling with many events as all the locals have settled back into the city.

November: A bit cooler but a great time to visit a city like Florence. Take in the take and culture and some great shopping.

December: Come to Italy and experience a traditional Italian Christmas or Natale. Try some of the wonderful traditional sweets like Panetone. Visit some of the great Christmas markets for that last minute shopping.