What to do in Rome ? Eataly


What to do in Rome ?Turn off the phone, sharpen the view and breathe in: Welcome to Eataly!
The experiences of the 5 senses … and maybe even something more.
Workshop , point of sale , a meeting place for a lunch with friends or a business meeting , Eataly let us dive into a whole new reality where the flavor and authenticity of the product are at the center of a process that is followed step by step by those who have made  this place their philosophy and their business.

From the posters and signs, to the goods displayed in 3 levels of shelves Eataly in fact takes us on a path made of food quality, teaches us how to grow it, how to recognize it, where to buy it and finally how to eat it.


frying station - Eataly Rome
frying station – Eataly Rome

Through the recipes shown in the containers or the videos touch screens Eataly really deserves to be experienced.  And I have been there to experience it!

Eataly is easy to reach because it is located in a strategic location in Rome. The METRO B connects the railway station Termini ( the city center ) to stop PYRAMID where the building is located .If you are traveling by train, just take the FR1 from  Fiumicino direction Fara Sabina and get off at the STOP OSTIENSE. Otherwise, if you’re driving, Eataly offers you plenty of outdoor parking. Before entering, we are given the opportunity to take one of the colorful carts at the entrance for all our purchases.  The carts all completely recycled because  Eataly also respects the environment.

At the entrance a board provides us with an exact map of the three stories that make up the building with a directory of what you will find inside. I started obviously from the ground floor.  On the left, highlighted by an impressive chandelier made ​​up of colorful cups is Illy coffee.  There is a blackboard with the various gourmet menu offers. But its 10am and I have just arrived so I decide to put off a choice until later.

I scanned the ground floor, pausing at the “piadineria” or wraps station at the center of the room.  I immediately advance toward the pastry making classroom a workshop for adults and children where desserts and sweets are made. This wing of Eataly is in fact used for sweets. I Walk between chocolate, pastries until I get to the cakes They come in all colors and all sizes.


Eataly - wine tasting
Eataly – wine tasting

With my mouth watering,  I  take the escalators that lead me to the first floor .The billboard that appears in front of me leaves no doubt, here PIZZA is made ! And despite the early hour, behind the counter are the “Pizzaioli” already in the kitchen heating up the wood stove and kneading the dough. On the right inside the artisanal workshop, we are allowed to watch the production of the egg PASTA.  The pasta ready for purchase is displayed all around on numerous shelves.

I am now facing the advancing “FRIGGITORIA” or frying station where a sign advises us to eat  the rather inviting ” Cuoppi ” a paper cone filled with fried delicacies like rice balls, polenta, artichokes, zucchini and much more.  Um maybe we are close to a good beer!
In fact, in this same floor you can enjoy a lot of artisanal beers produced in Italy.   Bionde (blonds), amber, red or black , you can taste them all.  Weather permitting you can enjoy your snack on the balcony. There is also a room, with large windows from which you can enjoy the panorama of Rome.

If you are still not satisfied, an olive tree in the middle of the room is  surrounded by shelves of olive oil. While at the end of the room is the mozzarella corner, where within a workshop with high glass we are shown every stage of its production.

On the second floor we leave behind milk and are immersed in the wine area where you can find wines from every corner of the country.

Eataly fish market
Eataly fish market

Then I find the Pelican bistro on one side and the meat and fish restaurants the other side.  Occasionally announcements are made for free tastings of products.  I stop in front of the wine counter and listen but no luck too bad !  Maybe you’ll be luckier. I continue to the restaurants. Fish on the right, left and center meat.  On a chalkboard are displayed the specialties of the day from both restaurants. I read with interest: Beef cheek braised with mashed potatoes with citrus fruit … YUM!  Next to each restaurant and then we find the respective store.

I stop to look to the right. The swordfish immersed in ice is large it grabs my, but it is somewhat disturbing so I continue to the stairs leading to the third floor.  But before ascending I decide to take a break at the Cafe Vergnano.  They have so many wonderful choices but I opt for the classic Cappuccino and multigrain croissant.  I know a little boring perhaps but it was soo good.

After the break I get up to the third floor.
Here, the atmosphere changes.  There is a sign for  the elegant  ITALY restaurant which attracts my attention . I go to read the menu, which can vary from 25 to 35 euro per person and is open only for lunch. The restaurant has a beautiful panoramic view and reservations are advised. I continue to explore the rest of the third floor. On the right of the I see the chef’s classrooms. Here you can enroll to learn the secrets of their kitchen with the motto “learning to make mouth-watering dishes is priceless”.

But what attracts most of my attention is the table of the “Dieci Fortunati” or “Lucky Ten”  .
Here in a super modern setting at an impressive  table of white marble and colored tiles  10 lucky individuals  are able to partake in a special dinner prepared by a chef using the most innovative kitchen technologies but at the same time adhering to the traditions of the cuisine. This unique culinary event also requires a reservation.

My visit ends at the congress hall and its lunch time.  So now I have to just choose one of the dining options and enjoy the tastes of wholesome expertly cooked meal.

My experience has been amazing absolutely satisfying my  five senses with a touch of good humor in the mix.   Eataly is a microcosm of Italian cuisine.  You will find everything under one roof; a  great introduction to newbies of Italian cuisine and a treat for veteran foodies.     So what to do in Rome on your next visit? Eataly is my answer

Hope to see you here soon.  Buon appetito!