Where to go in Sicily: the best beaches


If you are trying to decide where to go in Sicily you will be spoiled for choice as the island has a lot to offer to visitors: delicious food, unique Baroque architecture, ancient Greek temples and, of course, amazing beaches. The recent TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Beaches Awards for 2014 named some Sicilian beaches as world’s best.

Where to go in Sicily
The Rabbit Beach

The Rabbit Beach on the Lampedusa island in Sicily is in the top ten world’s favorite for sun seekers. To reach it you have to walk down a steep rocky path but it is certainly worth it. The water is crystal-clean, the sand is silky and there are no ugly seaside developments spoiling the pristine beauty of the beach. Umbrellas are only allowed on one side, as the other one is a protected site where a few sea turtles lay eggs every year.

Where to go in Sicily
Cala Rossa

Cala Rossa on the Favignana Island is famous for its spectacular rocky shore. It might not be the best place for swimming, as getting into the water might be tricky unless you are wearing sturdy shoes. However, the clean turquoise sea and dramatic rocks make this beach unforgettable and it gets quite busy during high season. But it is definitely one of the answer when wondering where to go in Sicily.

The beach of San Vito lo Capo gets very busy in August, which is easy to understand: the warm clean water, white sand, great restaurants and beautiful mountains as a backdrop. It always features on the list of the top ten Italian beaches.

Another stunning location for sun seekers in Sicily is Cala Faraglione, on the island of Levanzo. It has been recently voted by Italians as one of the most beautiful beaches. A dramatic tall rock emerges from the waters in front of the beach. The beach is famous for its spectacular play of colors during summer sunsets.

Where to go in Sicily
Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve

For those seeking more than just good sand and clear water, Lo Zingaro Nature reserve, in the north of Sicily, offers also an opportunity to enjoy spectacular walks among fragrant Mediterranean shrubs. There are ten beautiful little coves along the protected coastal area; some of them can only be reached by boat. You will certainly find a quiet spot there, even during high season.

Photos by: Silvia Albini, Manuel Angel, Massimo Piazzi.