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The Italian cuisine is one of the most varied in the world. Why in such a small country can we find such differences? One, the land changes in just a few kilometers. From the Mediterranean coast, to the countryside to the mountains in the north that separate Italy from the rest of Europe, there are many territorial differences which contributes to what is grown and what is eaten . Then there is the influence of the many people that have reigned over Italy throughout the ages all have left there mark in culture and cuisine. So what unites Italians in their culinary tastes? The pleasure of eating well. All this makes the Italian cuisine one of the most famous and appreciated in the world.

There are many great restaurants in Italy that feature the most sumptuous specialties but the beauty of the Italian cuisine continues to be the home cooked meal shared with family and friends with recipes passed on from one generation to the next.

At Road to Italy we have enlisted our friends to share authentic personal and family recipes. We hope these recipes will enjoy these original recipes.

If you have a favorite original Italian recipe that you would like to share with us please send us an email. If possible include a photo and if there is special story behind the dish we would love you to share it with us.

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Rigatoni Pasta Cacio e Pepe

cacio pepe

This easy dish that can be prepared in a short time.

so it fits into our busy modern lifestyle.

Nevertheless it has very old traditions.

Native of the area inside the Lazio and Abruzzo

because of the simplicity of the ingredients,

the ease of storing the food which could last several

days, Rigatoni cheese and pepper was the typical

meal of shepherds who went away from home for days

to take care of their flock.

Today if you are traveling in Italy and you want

to try this dish, it is very easy to find in restaurants

of Rome and the rest of Lazio, Abruzzo , Umbria and

southern Tuscany.

 Rigatoni Cacio e Pepe recipe by Antonella Arrow

Ricotta cheese and Nutella Pie

torta ricotta

It is one of the many variants of Italian pies,

perhaps one of the most popular especially in the

south of Italy where ricotta is frequently used

as ingredient for pastry and cakes.

You can find this delicious pie in many restaurants

throughout Italy, and it is often offered in

the dessert menu as homemade cake.

Some variants may be the addition of hazelnuts

and pistachios or chocolate chips

instead of nutella.

 Ricotta and Nutella Pie recipe by Margherita Arrow